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January 2020 Training Recap

2 minute read

The year is off to a great start! As I wait for the 100 miler lotteries to play out, I’m doing a fourteen week training block for the Badger Mountain 55K. It...

Race Report: Volcanic 50K (August 2019)

11 minute read

This is the seventh of my “trail race each month” goal for this year, if a couple of days late. Technically I missed July, but I’ve got two in August to make...

June 2019 Training Recap

7 minute read

June was a really fun month of training. I got the most mileage (238.4 miles) and elevation gain (20,059 feet) in my life. Here are some of my favorite runs ...

Race Report: Sunshine Salutation (June 2019)

4 minute read

This if the sixth of my “trail race each month” goal for this year. Halfway there! The Redmond Watershed is a great running park. There are nice wide, fast t...

Quest for a Western States Lottery Ticket

4 minute read

What started as a New Year’s resolution to run a trail race each month evolved into a much bigger project in mid-February. While searching for fun races, I r...

Race Report: Fort Ebey (February 2019)

4 minute read

This is the second of my “trail race each month” goal for this year and the first time running this race. I really enjoy getting out onto Whidbey Island and ...

Race Report: Frost Eagle (January 2019)

2 minute read

This is the first of my “trail race each month” goal for this year. I ran the half marathon at this event years ago when the trails were full of shin-high st...

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iPad’s Hardware Escape Key

1 minute read

I build this website from my iPad Pro using the Blink shell to mosh into a Raspberry Pi. My primary tools there are vim, tmux, and jekyll. The lack of a hard...

Uploading Files to EC2 with Blink

1 minute read

The Blink shell is a powerful ssh/mosh iOS app for developers. But how do you upload files from your device to your remote machine? Blink also has a local sh...

Jekyll on AWS

2 minute read

Inspired by a former coworker’s site, I decided to spend a weekend to try to get a Jekyll generated site running on AWS. I’ve tinkered with Jekyll before, an...

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